Linii complet automatizate

1 = PVL-295 extruder press
2 = Cutting wheel group
3 = N-27 accelerator belt
4 = F-18 connecting belt
5 = F-18 milling machine
6 = Z-07 candle overdipping machine
7 = Finished product belt
8 = Finished product holding table

Output = Up to 1.800 kg/hr (4.000 lbs)
Candle Ø = From Ø 40 mm (1.6 “) to Ø 80 mm (3.2”)
Length = 10.000 mm (33 ft)
Width = 5.700 mm (18.8 ft)

This line uses powdered paraffin to produce wicked candles.
The powdered paraffin is compressed inside the hydraulic cylinder to extrude a continuous bar which is cut to size by the cutting wheel group.
The candles are spaced by the N-27 accelerator belt and taken to the F-18 connecting belt to be milled by the F-18 milling machine.
A system of rotating millers makes the candle base and top . The candles are taken to the overdipping machine where they are colored and then unloaded onto the finished product belt where they are packed.