septembrie 4, 2019
septembrie 4, 2019

The JBN Design Semi-Automatic Wick Inserter simplifies the task of manually centering and gluing wicks in containers before pouring. The Inserter moves the jar from the conveyor line to a dial where a spot of hot-melt glue is dispensed. The jar then rotates to the next station on the dial and an operator places a pre-tabbed wick into the jar. The operator is assisted in centering the pre-tabbed wick in the jar by a magnet, which is located at the wick insertion station under the jar. The steel base of the pre-tabbed wick is drawn to the magnet and held in place by the hot-melt glue. The jar is then rotated back onto the conveyor belt. Jar output is approximately thirty to fifty pieces per minute.

Optional Equipment Required for Two-Wick Placement
requires compressed air and pre-tabbed wicks

· Speeds up the process of pre-wicking containers
· Any size wick and sustainer may be used
· Adds consistency to the pre-wicking process
· Facilitates wick centering
· Simplifies glue application
· Controls quantity of glue applied leading to glue savings
· Easily adjusts for different container diameters
· Integrates into most filling lines and existing conveyor systems
· Easy to operate
· Custom systems can be set up to insert multiple wicks
· Made in the U.S.A.

Optional Equipment:
· Stand-alone, off-line operation tray
· Two-Wick Insertion Set, includes magnet group and additional glue head
· Single-File Belt (fixed speed) Conveyor
· Single-File Belt (fixed speed) Conveyor with 3-ft diameter Accumulating Table
· Single-File Belt (variable speed) Conveyor with 3-ft diameter Accumulating Table

In-Line Single-File Belt (variable speed) Conveyor with 4-ft diameter accumulating table and automated pusher/loader for automatic transfer of wicked containers to filling system. Spacing between containers is adjustable.